Can I lose weight eating carbs and Mexican food?

You may have heard that you have gained weight because of the type of food you eat. And that to lose weight, you have to stop eating tortillas, and rice and beans! Or, it’s because of all the carbs. But, you’ll notice your eating plan includes typical Mexican dishes and carbs. This is because for weight loss, there are only two things that matter. And they are not Mexican food, or carbs!

#1: The most important thing that produces weight loss is that you eat fewer calories than your body needs. Your target should be 300-500 calories per day less than your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE- see the number on your program dashboard). If you can eat this number of calories, you should lose weight! Your eating plan from this program is carefully made to give you the correct target calorie intake.

#2: The second most important thing is that you have a plan you can stick to that helps you reach this calorie goal. If you have to eat new and odd foods, at odd times, or drastically change the way you eat foods, that is hard to keep up with and may not last. That’s why this eating plan helps you eat familiar foods, in the right amounts, to achieve your calorie goal.

You may have heard a lot about low carbohydrate diets, or diets that don’t include tortillas or rice and beans, for weight loss. They are a simplified way to reduce calorie intake without careful planning or calorie counting, and they technically can work. But, the long-term effects of low carbohydrate diets are not well understood, and some side effects like fatty liver have been recorded. In addition, cutting out major staple foods like tortillas and rice can lead to nutrient deficiencies if not done carefully.

Most importantly, low carbohydrate diets, or diets that are very different than the way you usually eat, may violate the #2 rule of weight loss- that your plan must be something you can stick to. Most people have a hard time keeping up with a diet that is very different from what they are used to, and that can mean you don’t reach your goals and improve health. There are many other popular approaches out there, like Intermittent Fasting for example, that also simplify eating fewer calories, but also violate rule #2.

That’s why this program includes an eating plan with carbs, and Mexican food, and eating at normal times. This eating plan shows how you can eat your way, within the boundaries of your lifestyle and preferences, and still lose weight. And this approach is both safe, and effective.