Get Groceries the Smart Way

Small Changes Groceries…the Easy Way

Before You Go

  1. Take a close look at your menu options and plan for how often you will have each option in the next two weeks.
  2. Look at your calendar and plan for any events or holidays.
  3. Use the Flexcipe multiplier to alter the recipes for the number of people you are cooking for. If you have any questions about ingredients to buy, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Change Coach.
  4. Make a detailed list.
  5. Eat something! Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. Then, the most critical part comes- make a detailed list and stick to it! When you go to the grocery store, buy only what is on your list. Don’t go shopping when hungry, and bring an accountability buddy with you if that would help.

At the Grocery Store

  1. Remember rule #5? Be sure to eat something before you step into the grocery store.
  2. Buy only what is on your list (being full helps a lot with that).
  3. If you think you’ll have trouble sticking to your list, bring an “accountability buddy” to help you stick to your list.

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